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Innovations In Agriculture For A Self-Reliant India (Completes In Two Parts)

Innovations In Agriculture For A Self-Reliant India (Completes In Two Parts)

ISBN 9789390591534
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  • Author P.K. Ghosh, Prabhat Kumar, Debashis Chakraborty, Debashis Mandal, P.N. Sivalingam
  • Year 2021
  • Bound HB
  • Language English
  • Country Of Origin INDIA

Product Description

The book brings out an encyclopaedic picture of the potential areas of transformative Indian agriculture through innovations in science, technology, institutional and policy affairs directed in building a self-reliant India (Atmanirbhar Bharat). The book has addressed the challenges to make India free from hunger, poverty and undernutrition, and suggested interventions with focus on all-inclusiveness and sustainability, peace and prosperity, and resilience to climate and other volatilities. Most of these propositions are analogous to the Sustainable Development Goals – Agenda 2030, which India has committed to achieve.

36 chapters has covered the following priority areas: accelerated and sustainable production and ecological intensification of agriculture; doubling farmers' income through inclusive growth, diversification and better linkage of farmers to markets; fostering entrepreneurship for employment and economic security; innovations in science and technology, and precision agriculture as the main driver of transformation; value-chain management and  prevention of post-harvest losses; remunerative prices and market reforms; adopting climate-smart agriculture; secondary agriculture; water security and rainfed area development; soil health and nutrient management; technological advances in crop health management; crop protection issues on emerging production system; agro-biodiversity; renewable energy development; Artificial Intelligence, and Knowledge Platform to reshape India; transforming agricultural education; investing in agri-food systems with special reference to research, education and extension; policies for farmers – serving farmers to save farming; institutionalizing monitoring, evaluation, and impact analysis. . The book specially covers critical needs for development on different fragile ecosystems such as coastal, desert, hill, ravine and other marginal ecosystems.  For each of the above areas, necessary policy options, actions, and path ahead to transform Indian agriculture for achieving Atmanirbhar Bharat have been elucidated.

The book will act as a very useful guidance for the policy makers, and development communities, and a reference document to the academicians as well.

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